About us

About us

We are a dynamic and growing language school, teaching English, Spanish and other languages (French, Portuguese, Italian and German) to local people and foreigners, in the quaint city of Chachapoyas, in the Andean sierra of Peru. We are always looking for foreign teachers who want to work 4 to 6 hours a day with us, and get to know the real Andean culture, far away from the beaten tourist path.

We have also started schools and projects in other places of northern Peru: Bagua, Moyobamba, Chiclayo, Mancora…
We provide English-learning programs in smaller communities in the Amazonas Region.

ILC is also a Spanish school for International students: whatever your age, come and take Spanish courses with our native teachers, in a school established  for more than 11 years. You can combine your stay with volunteering, internship or work after your classes. We can organize everything for you : accommodation, food, tourism in the region, transfer from Lima or Chiclayo…

Since 2014, ILC also gives gastronomy and computing classes.

ILC library and Cultural Center welcome you for cultural exchanges, borrow or buy books in English or Spanish, Wi-fi and Internet connexion…

We accept your donations, to provide wider and updated materials to our public.


About the school

The school was founded in 2003. It started with one table and six chairs. Currently we have around 150 students per month enrolled in the school and have just recently moved into a new building, which gives us a lot more room.

We developed partnerships with Peruvian and international organizations that guarantee our excellency in Education in the Amazonas region.
It’s licensed by the government with proper permits to provide EFL instruction : ILC is licensed in Amazonas under Resolución Nº 0772-2005 / 0228 – 2008 / 1747 – 2009 / 1878 – 2010.

We work closely with ICPNA (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norte-Americano) from Lima and Chiclayo, to promote American culture and language. We are the only institution in the Amazonas Region to provide the TOEFL Junior exam.

We are in contact with the Alliance Française in Lima to promote French culture and language, and give access to International exams DELF and DALF.

We offer assistance to our students to get scholarships in the US and in Europe, and promote exchange programs and intercultural relations.

We offer to the Chachapoyan community cultural activities for Educational development in the area, via the ILC Cultural Center. Our library and bookshop carries hundreds of books in English, Spanish, French… Novels, textbooks, dictionaries, magazines, children’s books and films are available for free viewing or to borrow, with a deposit. It also holds a collection of teaching and learning texts for the teaching and learning of English, French, Portuguese, German…as well as study material for the preparation for the official exams required by the United States of America and European Union.

We also support the teaching of English in Amazonas, providing the schools with materials and free classes to develop Peruvian English teachers’ skills.