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Why choose us?

● Chachapoyas is a quiet and authentic city, where delinquency is not a problem (contrary to many other places in Peru and South America), and locals are really glad to see and talk to foreigners – without the inconvenience of  touristy areas.

● The city is small enough to walk almost everywhere safely and without much effort. It’s really convenient not to have to take buses and “combis” (small and uncomfortable local buses) to move around. You’ll also be spared the altitude sickness inconvenience of places such as Cuzco!

● The area is rich in history and it has one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru: the Kuelap fortress (the third most important archaeological site in Peru, and the first pre-Inca site discovered).  There are many other great places to visit, with a special place for trekking, nature, archaeology and adventure.

● The town is surrounded by majestic mountains where you can see exotic birds and walk pre-Inca trails, as well as discover authentic local communities (pueblos).

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● Chachapoyas and Kuelap are in the Lonely Planet 2017
“Vast zones of little-explored cloud forest surround the city of Chachapoyas, concealing some of Peru’s most fascinating and least-known archaeological treasures.”

● Nightlife is fun but not crazy. There are some pretty cool places to go drink and dance.

● The cost of living is cheaper than in many cities in Peru (accommodation, food, transportation)

● You’ll be situated just between ocean and jungle, with great opportunities to enjoy both on your long week-ends

● Very few people here speak English, so that you’ll have to practice your Spanish lessons very quickly and become proficient

● You’ll enjoy all the International language School advantages such as :
–  The exchange with local Peruvian students who attend the school
–  The access to the library and its cultural programs (movie nights, workshops, tours, debates…), hundreds of books in English and Spanish and other languages (novels, dictionaries, study material, CD, DVDs, magazines…) and free access to Wi-fi and computers.
–  The opportunity to learn or reinforce another language while you’re here, such as French, Portuguese, English… and prepare for International Exams.

● We’ll help you individually to travel, work, or learn in another place in South-America

Read more about our advantages in our teacher’s section.