Spanish programs
One day Spanish workshop

One day Spanish workshop

Levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Lessons per week: Day to day basis

Lesson duration: 240 min.

Minimum duration: 1 day

Course duration: If you decide that you need a longer course than a day or two days, we will offer a program that suits your needs.

End of course certificate: ILC

We provide: educational materials according to the level of the program

You can choose your time to learn: Morning classes: 9 am-1pm or evening: 6pm-10pm.

(The start of classes are scheduled according to the academic calendar)

How do we do it?

We have two ways to spin this lesson: OUR WAY and YOUR WAY.

As for OUR WAY, we have tests to assess your current Spanish level and we can offer you lessons accordingly.

YOUR WAY is when you know exactly what you need and we get it for you. We will adapt to your Spanish level.

 What will you learn?

You can’t learn Spanish in one day, but we are sure that you can take a little, yet important step. This may encourage you to take further steps by choosing our courses or elsewhere. We will strive to fulfill your expectations.

Who is it aimed at?

If while you’re visiting our town you happen to have a rainy day, don’t waste your time in a hotel room and visit us. We have a workshop just for you. Instead of a wasted day you could get a valuable experience of the Spanish language with our wonderful teachers Miguel and Sarah.