Teaching at ILC 2018

Teaching at ILC 2018

Class-teen4What is the job description?
As a small school, all contracted hours are negotiable, and depend upon availability of groups for study.

How many hours will I actually teach English?
An estimated 4-6 hours per day, dependent on demand.

Are the students children or adults?
We have classes of all ages. We can offer you classes comprised of preschoolers, children aged 7-10, teenagers, or adults. Previously, the majority of our classes were adult, but now we’re moving to a higher proportion of teenaged students.  We would normally offer staff classes of teenagers and adults, in a mixed schedule, with the option to teach children if you wish.

Class sizes
4 – 12 students per class.

Class duration
1.5 or 2 hours per class, generally but not exclusively in the evenings, between 4 and 10pm.

All student books, workbooks, CDs, marking rubrics and teacher materials are provided.

Written exams (one hour) are held in the last lesson of each month.

Course duration
Each standard monthly weekday course lasts 18 lessons. Effectively, students pay for one month of classes at a time (it takes 4-6 months to complete a full level of a course). Therefore, teachers are expected to work, and are paid for, 3.5 weeks per month. Teachers have a 3 day break at the end of each month – combined with a weekend, this is an excellent opportunity to travel.

Are classes given in a traditional classroom learning environment?
Lessons are provided in classrooms, in the traditional manner.

Classrooms and Resources
Twelve fully equipped teaching rooms, with CD or DVD/television, whiteboard.
A computer lab equipped with PCs, pedagogic stuff… (courses, pronunciation, games, Internet access).  A library of grammar books and English novels.

What about teaching other languages (French, Portuguese…)?
We recommend you can teach English AND another language, unless you’re ready to teach only 1.5 to 3 hours a day. We’re promoting other languages, but as we are in a small town, you might have less work teaching only French or Portuguese.

What if I don’t speak Spanish?
Better than 90% of the lessons should be given in English, so It’s not such a big problem if you don’t speak Spanish well. However, we do recommend you improve your Spanish while you’re here, as you’ll see it’s much better and fun for you if you can interact with your students and local people in Spanish. Don’t panic; you’ll be able to take Spanish classes at ILC, with our native Peruvian teachers, and at a much better price than you would pay in your own country!
Enjoy our Spanish School before or during your working stay here!