● Volunteer stipend

● ILC offers help with finding accommodation close to your workplace, detailed guidance in finding your way around the city, and on trips around Amazonas and the north of Peru / Ecuador

● Help with visa renewals and immigration procedures, and also with securing work visas (the latter if you are staying long-term)

● Translation service, if you get sick or have problems, ILC can help you out

● Help in learning about Peruvian cooking, or folk music, or dancing, salsa…

● Close knit team of staff, who are helpful and informative

● Other foreigners working alongside you, from a range of worldwide countries

● Alumnus network of ILC staff who maintain strong links with the school, and can give advice on travel and employment in Peru

● Friendly local community

● Excellent place to learn Spanish through immersion, as virtually nobody in the north of Peru speaks any English. Spanish classes are available in the school.

● ILC is an established school, with a great reputation, since 2003

● ILC offers formal job references in excellent English, so working at ILC doesn’t form a questionable gap in your resume

ILC Biblioteca● ILC is the only school in the Amazonas region to teach interactively and communicatively,

● ILC Library (books and movies in English, Spanish, French…) is available to staff without charge

● ILC gives you the opportunity to teach pre-schoolers children, children, teenagers or adults.

● Opportunities to extend your experience in other cities at our satellite schools

● ILC gives you the opportunity to teach in smaller communities around Chachapoyas

● Small classes, with the opportunity to make real friendships and connections with your students

● Attention paid to your needs

●The ILC Cultural Center gives you extra opportunities to improve your Spanish and develop your skills, while you organize cultural activities with the school students and the Chachapoyan community (usually on Saturdays)

● Open to new ideas: if you have a project or an idea you’d like to try, ILC wants to hear about it

● Enjoy the beautiful region of Amazonas, with tours or trekking, or just walking around. Read more about Chachapoyas and its tourism wonders

To see and contact other teachers (past and actual) from the school, check our Facebook page.

The school also offers an immersion program to learn Spanish and discover the region. Take advantage of it before starting teaching at ILC !