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What is a Typical ILC Volunteer like?

A typical volunteer at ILC Chachapoyas is rugged, hardy and independent and came to the region to learn about a side of Peru that isn’t found in a Starbucks in Miraflores, Lima, or in the backpacker bars of Cusco.

They are often in their early 20s (though older staff are prized), and looking to form a real connection with Peruvian peoples and Peruvian culture.

If they don’t speak Spanish, they are motivated to learn Spanish while they are here, because without communication, living amongst locals in the Andes would be a less enriching journey.

They are flexible and culturally aware, and sensitive to the different concepts and attitudes they encounter every day when dealing with local people.

They are honorable, professional, and respect the commitment they have made to a small family run business in the third world.  They understand that we offer an experience to local people that can enhance and dramatically change their life prospects.

They take their role seriously as being a meaningful contributor to their surroundings.

They are asked to participate in the School Cultural activities, some of them on Saturdays. And make a donation of some books, movies, games… in their own language or in Spanish, for the School library.

Our typical volunteers are not looking for a holiday. They are looking for a reason to feel proud of what they have achieved while in Peru.

How to apply ?

We are constantly looking for new teachers, in English, French, Portuguese, Italian an German.

We will prefer volunteers who can Teach English AND another language (French, Italian…) and/or have other skills (see above).

ILC gets about 20-30 applications for every vacancy we have, and last-minute vacancies usually get filled within 24 hours. This means that speed of response, and having (all ready and easy to read) the most persuasive details of your skills posted clearly on your resume are the two most convincing components of applying to ILC.

These are the features that will convince us the  most that you’re serious about working at ILC:

Teaching experience
It is not required, but if you have informal or formal teaching experience, we want to know about it, and we’ll value you all the more for it.  Was it with adults, teens or children?  Was it teaching EAL, EFL or ESL?  (Find out the difference, guys!)  Was it in another subject?

Teaching qualifications
If you have a TESOL, TEFL, Trinity, or CELTA certificate, then say how many hours you have done in the classroom, and if you studied online or not.  Let us know if you have a degree or postgrad qualification in Education, if you’re a qualified teacher in your home country, all that good stuff!

Describe any experience living, traveling or working overseas
This is really key to your application.  We’ve found that the teachers who succeed at ILC are those who have realistic expectations of living in the third world, and who make serious efforts to communicate with local people.
If you’ve never left home before, be honest about it.  If your personality seems right for ILC, we’ll be happy to give you a shot at it.

State what other European languages you could teach
This is a biggie.  If you can teach French, you will probably jump to the front of our shortlist.  If you can teach German and want to stay for at least six months, likewise.  If you can teach Italian, Russian, Chinese or Portuguese, we can also offer you classes.  And … if you can teach Spanish, we might just have some classes teaching tourists we could pass on to you, too.
If you studied one of these languages, but haven’t spoken it for a while, or haven’t taught it ever, be realistic about your level.  For example, Basic French might be more persuasive if you studied it within the last 2 years.

State other skills you have
We are particularly interested in other skills you might have such as : Public relations, communication, marketing, business administration, design, social work, arts and handicrafts, Education, library management, web design…

Being specific about when you’re thinking of coming to Peru, and how long you’d like to stay at ILC
You’d be surprised at how many great teachers kibosh their own application by never tying their availability down to a specific time period.  Give us your ideal timeframe, and then give us a Plan B timeframe you’d accept if necessary.

If we don’t have any jobs within your preferred dates, it’s possible we’ll have a cancellation in the future.  Let us know if you want to be on the Waiting List; if we contact you with a vacancy – try to respond quickly.
The majority of teachers stay 3 months to a year.  The minimum time you can stay is 2 months.
If you want to stay more than 3 months, you need to reconfirm your intention to stay on once you’ve completed two months at the school.  This means we know you’re serious about what you’re doing, and not just throwing wild promises about that will sting our students when you change your mind later.

Your resume should also state your age, your nationality, and give a photo.
If your resume includes all of these things, you WILL be considered for the next set of vacancies, and we WILL be contacting you as soon as we can.

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