Volunteer & Internship 2018

Volunteer & Internship 2018

As the capital of Amazonas Region, Chachapoyas is the nerve center of operations and services for a vast section of rural northern Peru.

From health care to engineering, judicial administration to conservation, promotion of the arts and culture to higher education… Chachapoyas hosts a large number of governmental and non-governmental agencies dedicated to improving the quality of life for the Peruvians of Amazonas Region.

Opportunities for internships and volunteer work in Chachapoyas are available in a wide variety of fields.

ILC will facilitate these opportunities by providing agency placement, Spanish classes, assistance in securing housing through hostals or homestays, and welcome volunteers into our ILC family to assist in their cultural integration.

The people of Amazonas are among the friendliest people in the world. Foreigners who come to this region are treated with respect and kindness, and lifetime friendships are forged every year between nativos and extranjeros.

We at ILC are committed to the individual success of our volunteers, just as we wish to truly serve our community as a global resource.

You can also be part of the ILC Cultural Center staff as a volunteer or internship, working at the library, organizing cultural events, helping in marketing or public relations, and helping us bring a love of reading and learning to the local communities.

Learn more about Chachapoyas and why you should choose us.